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Lisa Landry is a stand up comedian. She is an audience favorite.

Mar 7, 2018

I'm super excited to welcome back Dianne Post, former parole officer, turned psychologist, turned lawyer, she's a life-long human rights activist and free thinker. Continuing where we left off last week, Ms. Post returns to break down how all humans, yes, even men, and especially women and children, suffer in our current patriarchal society. Dianne details the psychology of women who engage in victim blaming, judges who turn a blind eye to fathers who beat and rape their own children, and the statistical data of how often women lie about being assaulted. We also discuss the polarization of America, the problems with Linda Sarsour, and the rampant fallacy that "mothers always get custody" in a divorce.

"If men ask for custody, they win 70% of the time. Even if they're proven to have committed domestic violence or sexual assault".